Let's get some honey baby!

Here at Lehmann Beekeeping and Apiary, we have had a small honey flow because of the drought.  This being the case, we will not be able to capture, or rob, as much honey as we would like.  However, today we saw our honey supers (we use mediums now for interchangeability) were all filled.  We decided to rob one frame from two different hives.  We took the frames and de-capped them and extracted the honey.  We have a center-fuse system, but for these two frames, we did it the old fashioned way. 

The honey has an amazing taste – it is spicy. As you know, honey is infused with the flavors of the nectar from which it was made.  If you taste honey from an orange grove, it tastes citrusy and is light in color.  Lehmann Beekeeping and Apiary’s honey has a fusion of nectar from several different flowers – one of the main flowers being the purple wild verbena.  We think this is what is giving our honey a very natural, but spicy flavor.

Here are some photos.

Wild Verbena

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