Hive split - so far – successful

We used our extra queen to split one of our strong hives yesterday.  To begin, we had ordered an extra queen to install in what we thought was a queen-less hive at the Hodges Estate.  After the new queen arrived and we were prepared to install her in the hive – we noticed some capped brood…upon further inspection we noticed some eggs, and then we saw the queen, most affectionately called Beeatrice.  We were so happy that the hive was in good shape.
We took our extra queen back to the Lehmann Apiary, and we did a split.  A split is basically making one (strong) hive into two hives.  From our strong hive, we took select frames which had some capped brood and nursing bees on it and placed it in a new medium super.  We put our extra queen inside the super and closed it all up.  After enough time has gone by, we will check and see if they are doing okay. 

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