New "Flow Hives"

It's been a long time since I've posted...keeping up with life, family, church, work, and of course beekeeping.  I had a message from a family member regarding these new "Flow Hives" and what my thoughts were.  After I checked them out online, I was just amazed - the more I read, the more I liked...but wait - then I thought, maybe this was just a hoax of some kind, but when I saw Michael Bush comment positively on this amazing new invention, I knew it was for real.

We will surely be adding these into our system at Lehmann Beekeeping and Apiary.  We use only Mediums, so I'll have to invest in some Deeps.  To the inventors of the Flow Hive - BRAVO!  What an incredible, innovative invention!

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  1. Hey send me an email, I live here in Lee County. Will be making splits soon I use all deeps, and would like to see the flow frames myself.